Do you have a brainstorming buddy?

I’m lucky enough to work with my greatest supporter, my fiance, Mr. Awesome Sauce. Although we work for the same company we’re in different departments and located on different side of the office, so other than our mid-morning and mid-afternoon walks and lunch break, we don’t really see that much of each other. When we do get together throughout the day however, we more often than notĀ brainstorm about the Riley Cray series.

Whether we’re talking about the finer points of book formatting, or discussing how to tweak a particular scene to makeĀ it fit better into the flow of the current WIP, we almost always talk about some facet of writing several times a day. I’m incredibly lucky to have someone so supportive in my life, someone who’s eager to be my champion, and is as excited to see me succeed as I am (if not more!) We both share the dream of me being able to write full time some day, and when that day comes I hope he’s able to be there right beside me working on his own novel ’cause he’s wicked talented too.

What about all you peeps out in blogland – do you have a brainstorming buddy, someone you can bounce ideas off of and reminds you not to slouch so much when you spend hours at the computer?

To my own brainstorming buddy – I lub ya, babe.