Where do you write best?

As someone who never leaves the house without at least one notebook and a fistful of pens stuffed into my purse in case a moment of inspiration should strike me while I’m out and about, I’m curious to know if anyone else writes somewhere other than their home / office.

While I do get a fair amount of writing done at home it tends to have too many distractions for me to be consistently productive – that load of laundry that needs doing, those six episodes of Once Upon a Time on the DVR, and my horde of fuzzy minions all vie for my attention, so as odd as it may sound I’m actually my most productive at my local bar. At least once or twice a week Mr. Awesome Sauce and I go hang out at our local bar which is kinda our own version of Cheers, where everyone really does know our name, and knows that I am working on finishing my first novel. With an endless supply of Diet Coke, chips and the best damn green chili in town, it has turned out to be a surprisingly good locale for me to jot down several pages at a time.

I’m not sure if it’s just that we happen to go to the bar at my peak time of day for creativity, or if its the constant hubbub of background noise that makes it so easy to write while I’m there, but whatever it is, I’ve definitely found that I can write a helluva lot more there in a couple house than I can in an evening spent at home.

What about all you folks out there in blogland – where do you write best?

4 thoughts on “Where do you write best?

  1. I write at home in my home-office, which is comfortable and convenient, but not particularly inspirational. Last year I took iPad and keyboard to Turkey (location of my novel) and wrote on a balcony overlooking the beach, bay and curve of the coastline – now that was a place to write!

    • Oh wow, Turkey must have been a beautiful backdrop to write against. I’m planning on basing one of my future books in Texas so I think a trip down there to do a little scouting around may be in order. Not as exotic as Turkey though ;)

  2. I write and work in my studio apartment — I’m a freelance editor as well as a writer. I live alone, so I don’t get interrupted, except by my dog, and when he interrupts me, it’s usually time to take a break. When I lived within walking distance of town, I’d sometimes take yellow pads and pens to a coffee shop and write there. I never go anywhere without a notebook and pen in bag or backpack, but I rarely use them. I work out a lot of stuff in my head while I’m walking, then jot it down when I get home.

  3. I have a busy schedule, so I write when I can. I have a notebook and pen for jotting down ideas and working out brainstorming. I have a 7″ tablet I use for writing my novel on the go. I use it on my 2-hour round trip commute every day, and it’s a lot easier to carry around than a laptop.
    I write best at a laptop, but that’s not often possible.

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