Name that nightclub!

Happy Monday boys and girls! I hope you all had a happy and relaxing weekend (or productive if that was your goal). Mr. Awesome Sauce and I had a good mix of both, topping it off with an absolutely scrumptious Sunday roast cooked by my Mum, complete with roast potatoes. Yum! I think Mr. A would do just about anything for Mum’s roasties.

As I’m wrapping up Hunted, the first novel in the Riley Cray series I am turning some of my attention to book #2, tentatively titled Bitten, wherein we will get to meet some more of the folks causing trouble for Riley and her friends. Among the cast of characters stirring up mischief for our erstwhile werewolf is the Shepherd of the City: Master Vampire Alexei Cordova. And here’s where ya’ll come in – Alexei is the purveyor of a vampire strip club set in a 100+ year old former Catholic church in downtown Denver, and I’m leaving it up to you to decide what to name this den of undead iniquity.

Vote below and I’ll name Alexei’s place after the winning candidate.

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