Crafty Distractions

Hump Day!

Happy hump day ghouls and boys!

If you’ve spent any time lurking around my blog you know that I suffer from a serious case of ADOS (Attention Deficit… Ooh Shiny!), and occasionally like to take a little break from writing to explore some of my other creative outlets. Shortly before I got struck down with the plague (pink eye followed by pneumonia) a couple weeks ago I was in the midst of one such spell of needing some distraction. This latest need to spend some time being crafty was the result of receiving a truly amazing new sewing machine from my parents for my birthday at the end of January. Due to a particularly nasty bout of carpal tunnel and the need to focus on the next Riley short story I hadn’t yet had the chance to sit down with my new lovely and try her out. After taking a trip to the local quilt store with my mum one Saturday afternoon I decided it was time I finally tried out the new machine.

Babylock1 Babylock2

Isn’t she pretty? I think I shall call her Kaylee after my favorite Firefly character (we already named our car Inara).

Armed with a stack of beautiful yellow and grey fat quarters I whipped up this darling quilt top in an afternoon…

Yellow and Grey Herringbone Quilt

… and then had to put finishing it on hold when I was struck down with pink eye the very next day. So not fair. Grr.

I didn’t get the chance to revisit my herringbone quilt until last week when I was slowly easing back into the flow of things after coming home from the hospital. Thanks to the antibiotics the docs gave me I felt almost back to normal surprisingly fast but still found myself getting tired very quickly. So, right now this particular project is currently sitting with the quilting a little over 1/2 way done, and awaiting its binding.

As much as I adore the yellow and grey quilt and can’t wait to have it on display, it’s a little too small for snuggling with on the couch so I was already contemplating my next quilt project when I received a gorgeous bundle of fabric I had scored at a serious discount. I wasn’t quite feeling up to wrestling the herringbone quilt through the machine to finish up the quilting, and decided to turn my attention to figuring out what to do with my latest score from the mail fairy.


I couldn’t resist the mix of colors and patterns (which just happen to be the same color scheme as our upcoming wedding).


After several hours of cutting I had a lot of squares… (there’s 320 4″ squares in total)


It’s slowly coming together. Only 11 more rows to go. Oi vey.

Surprisingly I’ve only got one row (so far) that has a couple of squares backwards that need to be fixed before I start sewing all the rows together.

And I’m glad to say I’ve also recharged my writing batteries and am once again going gang-busters on Unleashed and Welcome to the Asylum, so stay tuned for more updates!

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