Fighting Through The Slump With Baking

So I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately—I’ve been struggling to stay focused on one project for more than five minutes (at least that’s how it feels!), so I’m sorry for the long absence and delays in getting Welcome to the Asylum completed and ready for you guys to read :o(

I’d like to blame it on the weather, which here in Colorado, has been swinging madly between 75 degree days and 5+ inches of snow and/or torrential rain. As much as I love the rain, there’s something about the rapidly shifting weather patterns that leave me unsettled. At least, that’s the excuse I’m going with for my more severe than usual bout of ADOS (Attention Deficit… Ooh! Shiny!).

During this tumultuous period, I not only came up with the concept, cover, and several pages for a new series based in Riley’s world, but dug out some of my more *ahem* steamy writing, decided to take up making chainmaille jewelry, devised the plot and character design for a children’s book I’d like to write with my sister-in-law, and made a bunch of scones. My flip-flopping has definitely been driving Mr. Awesome Sauce a little crazy, though he’s definitely enjoyed the fruits of my labor when it comes to the scones, as did my mum and dad, who also got given a bunch.

I’m still struggling to buckle down and get back to the work that really matters (namely finishing that one final fucking scene of WttA, and refocusing on Unleahsed), but here are some pictures of a few of the other things I’ve been up to…

Apricot Scones. This was my first try with a new high-altitude recipe I found online. They come out amazingly fluffy on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. If anyone is interested, I’ll post the recipe.

Cranberry Orange Scones
Cranberry Orange Scones. So far, these have been my favorite.

Lemon & Lavender Scones
Lemon & Lavender Scones. I upped the vanilla extract on these, and they came out with a wonderfully creamy flavor that is highlighted by the slightly floral note from the lavender.

Helm Chain Bracelet
Helm Chain Bracelet. I also made a pair of matching earrings and at some point will probably make a coordinating necklace.

Watson Evolution
The evolution of Watson the Great Bear Detective from my original armless sketch to a mostly finished digital line drawing. Mr. Awesome Sauce isn’t sure about the green bowler hat—he says it makes him think of Lucky Charms cereal :/ So, I may have to experiment with some other headwear, but the yellow polka dot scarf is definitely here to stay :oD

Watson Expressions
Just a little bit of fun playing around with some different expressions for Watson. I think the “Sad” Watson is my favorite at the moment; his little droopy ears just make me go “aww” every time I look at it.

Well, that’s it for now ghouls and boys. Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting news soon, and in the meantime, if you have any ideas for some other flavor combinations I can try out in my scones be sure to leave a comment and I’ll give them a try! There may even be a special prize for whoever comes up with the most delicious combo ;o)


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