Goodreads Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday ghouls and boys!

To thrilled to announce that in celebration of the release of Welcome to the Asylum, I’m offering a signed copy of Hunted in a Goodreads giveaway. Head on over to Goodreads to enter for your chance to win, or, if you’re feeling as though luck isn’t on your side, you can grab your copy of Hunted (and WttA) on Amazon for the limited time sale price of only $0.99!

Stay cool ghouls & boys,

4 thoughts on “Goodreads Giveaway!

  1. Hi A.J. I was just wondering when Unleashed was coming out? I noticed that it says it’s coming soon in 2015 and 2015 has only 3 months left in it! Also Amazon doesn’t have anything about it on their website! I’ve been really looking forward to the 3rd Riley book and would love to know when I should be looking for it to be released in e-book format! Thank you and keep up the wonderful writing!

    • Hi Heather, so sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Mr. Awesome Sauce and I were cruising through Alaska on our honeymoon and our internet connection was rather intermittent.

      I am sorry to say, that Unleashed likely won’t be available until early 2016 :o( A slew of health issues and all the madness that comes along with planning a wedding put a bit of a curb on my writing in recent months. I am glad to say, however, that I’m back in the swing of things now, and even managed to get some writing done on the cruise ship!

      I did just release a novella starring Riley and Holbrook, so check out Welcome to the Asylum if you need a fix pronto! Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates. I promise I’ll let know as soon as the first draft of Unleashed is completed!

      Thanks so much for your support!

    • Thank you so much, Lynn! It’s so encouraging to receive feedback from readers, and I’m so honored that you all take the time to read my books. I will continue to strive to put out the best stories I possibly can :o)

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