Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Monday boys and ghouls! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fully recovered from your turkey induced comas :)

Mr. Awesome Sauce and I spent the weekend with family enjoying far too much good food and better company, and I even managed to squeeze in some writing and craftiness.

I finished a cute elf couple embroidery piece I made as part of a Christmas gift. It still needs a border and some quilting, and will end up as a small table mat.

After the elves were done I got started on another embroidery project that will also be turned into a Christmas gift.

I made some fall cookies to go along with our dinner on Thursday. They’re a delicious cross between a sugar cookie and shortbread, and are even suited to baking at high altitude! If you’re interested in making them, I used this recipe. It’s super easy, and they came out perfect!

I also finally got around to baking my Christmas cakes. Rather than making one large cake I decided to make two smaller ones. I’ll decorate one the traditional way with a layer of marzipan and fondant icing, and will finish the other off with a simple lemon glaze. The best part of course, is the weekly dose of brandy they’ll get until the week of Christmas. Yum!

My fuzzy helper, Silas, wanted to get in on the baking fun too so I made a kitty loaf ;)

And finally, I got my first piece of fanmail. Can you believe it?! I almost cried.