Sometimes I feel like I’m part of a 12 step program

I’m totally ripping off Blondiewritemore, though if I’m admitting it does it still count as out right laziness/copying?

Anyway, she posted a genius article by Chuck Wendig and I just had to share it. Anyone who has ever written, or tried to write, a novel has experienced at least a dozen of the 25 steps mentioned in Chuck’s Varied Emotional Stages Of Writing A Book. I frequently flip-flop back and forth between numbers 1 and 2. I also suffer from # 3 and # 15 on a fairly regular basis. In fact Mr. Awesome Sauce refuses to let me buy this t-shirt because he says it would simply compound my existing near-constant attitude of “Meh.” Damn him.

Still, I think that his list is missing a stage that may very well be the most important one of all. The fact that is the one I’m currently experiencing might make me a wee bit biased, but meh. Whatevs.

So here is my addition to his list:


The pants-shitting terror you experience when you realize that you have to actually let other people read the masterpiece/steaming pile of dog crap that you have spent weeks/months/years slaving over, alternatively convinced that you are the next Stephen King or that you should fling yourself off of the nearest cliff and spare the world your insufferable existence.

Which stage(s) do you suffer from during your writing journey?

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