Bad, bad, bad…

…that’s what I’ve been calling myself the past couple of days.

I’ve been neglecting this blog something terrible, and even though every day I tell myself I need to post something, anything, I can’t seem to think of anything to write. Mr. Awesome Sauce keeps telling me that my readers/followers don’t care whether I’m writing about the process of writing, something silly one of the cats did, or even what I had for breakfast this morning (Egg, sausage and cheese Lean Pockets for anyone who’s curious). He insists that it doesn’t matter what I write about , as long as I write something. I know he’s right, but sometimes I want to tell him that that’s easier said than done.

Other times I kinda want to smack him in his pretty little face. It’s very unfair when he uses logic against me, it’s such an unfair advantage!

So here I am just writing about whatever pops into my mind…Ooh! I got some new fish over the weekend. We have a 29 gallon tank set up in the living room which we’ve had for going on two years now that has lots of lovely, pretty fish including our golden bristlenose plecostamus, Big Fat George. About a year after we set up that tank I got the insane idea that I wanted to get a 60-70 gallon tank and set it up as a fully planted tank. Always the voice of reason, Mr. Awesome Sauce suggested that we start out a little smaller. Reluctantly I agreed, and we picked up a cheap 10 gallon at our local Petsmart and I tried my hand at managing a planted tank.

I’m so glad we started small. Planted tanks are…different. Not hard per say, but definitely not as easy as a tank decorated with plastic plants. It didn’t take long for my enthusiasm to wane, and while my plants have been doing well since setting up the tank, it’s pretty much just been sitting there for the past year. Well, it seemed like fate finally decided to step in and do something about my fishless tank over the weekend.

While cleaning our big tank I managed to break the glass top in half, (d’oh!) resulting in an emergency trip to Petsmart to get a replacement. While there I just happened to take a gander at the fish and saw that they had finally started carrying the golden plecos like George. Unlike their brown and black counterparts, these little guys stay small, getting no bigger than 6 inches, which is the perfect size for the two tanks we have. They also had neon tetras on sale, so I snagged a few of those too.

Here are some slightly blurry, cell phone pictures of the tank…


This is Oberyn, our little pleco. I decided to name him after Oberyn Martell, from Game of Thrones.


And here you can kinda make out a few of the neon tetras, who I’ve named the Sand Sisters after Oberyn’s daughters.

Hopefully the fish will all have longer, happier lives than any of the characters from GoT!


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