Baby It’s Cold Outside…

…if that isn’t the understatement of the week. Brr! Since I rolled into work this morning just before 8 o’clock I’ve been watching the temperature thingy on my desktop slowly plummet from a practically balmy 55 degrees to 30. The forecast for this evening? A bone chilling 19 degrees! Yuck! It’s definitely going to be an evening of snuggling on the couch with Mr. Awesome Sauce and our little fuzzy family.

In other wintry news, I appear to have caught the Christmas bug super early this year – I’m contemplating Christmas decorations and gifts before my mum has even decided what decorations she’s doing this year, which is practically unheard of! Between sipping cocoa and hot cider this weekend (even though it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside) I spent far too many hours scouring Pinterest for decorating ideas and homemade gifts.


Needless to say, our house may end up looking like Santa’s grotto exploded, and I’m exerting every ounce of self-control I have to refrain from putting up any decorations until the week of Thanksgiving. Sometimes self-control really sucks :(

I did however breakdown and prep my ingredients for this year’s Christmas cake. Yum! There’s nothing that says Christmas more than dried fruit soaked in brandy. I’ll be baking the cake tonight and then “feeding” it brandy for the next few weeks until it’ll knock your socks off from fifty paces. If Santa doesn’t make it to your house on Christmas Eve it’ll be because he’s passed out at my place under the tree ;)


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